Birkenhead Library, North Shore

15 December 2009
Birkenhead Library 6

Birkenhead Library

BIrkenhead, North Shore AKLD

Completion : December 2009
 Arch Office
Contractor: Mainzeal


The architectural design of the building facade encompasses respect for the established existing trees towering throughout the site. The entwining branches represented in the cast in designs of the buildings upper facade lightweight concrete panels.  

Base structural Precast concrete panels were Manufactures with Black Monarc's Caviar Concrete then refined to a 5000 Grade diamond Honed shine, Panels were finished with Resene Clear Graffiti-guard bringing out he depth of oxide colour from the concrete mix.

Internal Precast Stairs were manufactures using Monarc Mascarpone white concrete reflecting the spill of Natural light from the polished steps and landings. Tread spots were applied to further enhance slip resistance.  


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