Benefits of Monarc

Together with traditional precast benefits, Monarc goes further by offering key additional benefits to your building project.

Bournemouth Terrace 1

For Architects

  • MONARC allows architectural freedom and the opportunity to venture into new uncharted degrees of architectural precast design.
  • MONARC allows architects to specify coloured concrete to match either predefined colour ranges or to a customised colour match.
  • MONARC breaks down restrictions in surface texture options and provides the ability to create new creative textures.
  • MONARC delivers architects with laser precision and accuracy of intricate detailing.
  • MONARC offers architectural design companies a new showcase signature solution
Ponsonby Waterfall Matrix 3

For Owners and Developers

  • MONARC adds wow factor to the aesthetics and appearance of the building.
  • MONARC boasts premium quality and intelligent selection.
  • MONARC adds premium value with financial economy.
  • MONARC improves desirability for resale / tenancy.
  • MONARC can reduce longterm ongoing maintenance costs.
The Isaac 3

For Construction Companies

  • MONARC used both structurally and architecturally brings time savings to the construction process.
  • MONARC's all in one concept can reduce the requirement for costly professional subcontractors whilst also reducing exposures to site hazards.
Innovation Park 2 v3

For Tenants

  • MONARC compliments corporate brand association.
  • MONARC supports environmental ambience and visitor experience.
  • MONARC's premium aesthetic appearance increases desire for subleasing.
  • MONARC provides easier graffiti manageability and deterrence.
  • Monarc offers alternative and safer surface textures for pedestrian traffic.

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