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MONARC Creative Precast & Architectural Precast 

(As per Nauhria Precast - Standard Terms and Conditions)




9.1 Expectation of precast panels finishes 
Expectations over what constitutes an acceptable precast panel finish can often differ between the manufacturer (Nauhria), the contractor, the architect and the client. The following highlights inherent limitations in the production process that may help in narrowing the range of expectations between parties involved in the construction process. 

9.2 Appearance
With Monarc and all architectural precast, we take extreme care to ensure the product quality is the best that it can be. However concrete and its ingredients (sand, aggregate, cement, and oxides) are natural products and can have variations in colour, shape, size and natural properties. e.g. quartz crystal veins.

Concrete colour can also vary from day to day and panel to panel due to environmental fluctuations in temperature and humidity, raw material moisture content, concrete curing time, aggregate batching and source supply. With vibration of concrete it is also difficult to achieve a completely uniform distributed look.

With our development of Monarc Creative Precast we have established many effective procedures to reduce the inconsistencies and variances in concrete. We are, however, unable to guarantee that all panels will have precisely the same consistency and look.


9.3 Refinement
Monarc panels are manufactured within the limits and tolerances for precast panel manufacturing set out in NZS3109 1997.

During the Monarc manufacturing process, a thin layer of the cement surface is removed. Normally, and unless otherwise specified, panels are cast 5mm thicker than required to accommodate the removal of this cement layer.

With the removal process it is natural for concrete irregularities to become visible including air bubbles, cracks, and exposure of the concrete ingredients some of which can dislodged from the surface of the panel.

Nauhria accepts no liability for these irregularities made visible during the Monarc panel manufacturing process.


9.4 Chamfers/Edges
Monarc panels are typically manufactured with 15x15mm cast in chamfers. The chamfer depth is reduced through Monarc processing to the face of the panel.

Unless specifically requested, Monarc processing of chamfers and panel edges is excluded i.e. units are provided with an unprocessed off the form finish.  By request chamfers and panel edges may be Monarc hand diamond honed, hand diamond brushed or hand bush hammered at an additional cost. Instruction to process chamfers & panel edges must be specifically requested at time of tender or specifically requested through the shop drawing process prior to manufacture.

If edges and/or chamfers are Monarc processed it is important for the client to understand that the process used on the edges and/or chamfers is not the same process that is used on the face of the panel, as such the edges and/or chamfers may look different to the panel face – depth of hand processing is generally less therefore revealing less aggregate surface and it is normal for air bubbles to be revealed on formwork side faces and panels edges among other possible differences.

Please note we are unable to offer MONARC edge finishes in window or door rebates.


9.5 Remedials
Further to item 7 above, Nauhria take all practical care to ensure damage to the panels is minimised. However, during the process precast panels go through - manufacture, storage, transportation, erections on-site and other construction movement on-site (drilling, diggers, scissor lifts etc), there is always a possibility that some damage could occur to the panels.

Nauhria have skilled people to carry out professional remedial work. However, very close inspection might reveal that remedial work has been undertaken.


9.6 Sealing/Coating
Aesthetic or functional reasons (matt, gloss, wet or natural look finishes or for graffiti protection) may require the need for the application of sealers and coatings.

Nauhria’s manufacturing environment is unsuited for the coating and sealing of precast panels and we, therefore, are unable to provide this product or service.

Please note that no allowance has been made for any type of sealers or coatings to be supplied or applied to these panels.

Nauhria recommend that panels be sealed or coated as soon as practically possible to reduce the occurrence of efflorescence, to protect against soiling, staining or graffiti and to add lustre, richness and shine to the panels.

A specialised trade in itself we recommend consulting with coating specialists such as Resene, Sika, Graffiti Solutions or other similar professional product and service providers.


9.7 Transportation, handling and erection of Monarc panels
Monarc panels are manufactured with approved cast-in lifting components. Nauhria take all practical care to avoid damage occurring to the panels during production, processing and pre delivery storage.

Nauhria accepts no liability for any damage caused as a result of the lifting, handling, securing, transportation, or erection of MONARC Panels from the moment of loading them on to delivery vehicles, trailers, flat racks, ‘A’ frames, and other means of transportation or storage apparatus.

We have made no allowance for extra protection during transportation.


9.8 Samples
Samples are made from actual concrete giving you the opportunity to touch, feel and see the richness and depth of the colour and are designed to provide an indication of colours and texture.  However Nauhria cannot guarantee that the final product will be exactly the same as the sample or consistently to the same standard.  Samples are unlikely to show the colour and texture variation experienced in larger areas and as stated above in 9.2 Appearances, concrete colour and texture can vary from day to day and panel to panel due to environmental fluctuations in temperature and humidity, raw material moisture content, concrete curing time, aggregate batching and source supply. With vibration of concrete it is also difficult to achieve a completely uniform distributed look.


9.9 General
MONARC™ and the Monarc logo are the registered trademark property of Nauhria Precast Limited. Unauthorised use of MONARC™ or the Monarc Logo is prohibited without authorized permission from the Managing Director or an appointed authorized employee of Nauhria Precast Limited.

For further information, or if you require clarification on any points relating to this document, please feel welcome to contact us at any time.