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Promoting Reuse-able Design

Astute Architects realise and design Monarc Precast panels for the potential of future reusability. The high strength and density of Monarc precast concrete provides excellent durability. Precast Lifting components allow precision lifting and placement for both now and for future reuse, whereas typical instu single use concrete would generally be scrapped.

Hurstmere Green

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Energy Conserving Smart Technology

Monarc’s processing machinery uses smart radar and virtual technology to automatically senses location of panels and the need for electrical motor demand Powering on at the moment of use and off again immediately following the process of each individual motor. Total energy consumption is kept to bare necessity minimising electrical energy waste and consumption.

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Material recycling of process water and waste

Monarc reduces enviromental dust emissions by process water flushing as it refines the concretes surface, The washed away fines and ground aggregates are settled allowing Process water to be treated and reused through the operation. Top up water is captured through Rain collection to maintain sufficient supply and to supplement water evaporation on Hot days, Setlled fines are professionally collected and reutilized.

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Locally Sourced aggregates

Monarc Concrete Mix designs are engineered to maximise performance properties together with aesthetics. Locally sourced high quality aggregates and readily abundant. Local sourcing also reduces overall costs, demands less fuel consumption and therefore less emissions. Cements used in the production of Monarc Panels are also supplied from Carbon Neutral Operations.

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