Surface Textures

Monarc’s surface refinement process allows you to select from various surface texture options.

  • Monarc Diamond Honing provides an ultra-smooth honed and polished surface.
  • Monarc Diamond Brushing renders a non-abrasive texture with a highly tactile smooth texture. The texture also promotes an excellent diffusion of light reflection. 
  • Diamond Hammered gives a uniform fine rough texture to blocking light reflection 
  • Monarc Roughsawn delivers the classic Cast Rough bandsawn timber plank 
  • Monarc Retarder Exposed aggregate removes 3-5mm of the cementitious surface slurry to reveal the unrefined raw jagged aggregates.
  • Monarc Can also provide Acid etched, Hydro , Bead or sandblasted surface refinements. As a full coverage or Masked pattern abrasive blasting.

When selecting textures it is recommended to consider the impact of physical contact, Reflection of light, and any adverse environmental exposure or risks.  (eg. Tagging, Organic Greening Road grime etc.)

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