Specifying Monarc

Monarc Precast panels are fully supported through Masterspec's New Section 3130M Monarc Creative Precast Panels and Treads. 

Section 3130M is fully maintained up to date with the latest in New Zealand Standards & best industry practice. It also provides comprehensive guidance notes for both selecting and specifying the Monarc products helping you to communicate exactly what you want.

Section 3130m contains full Colour, Texture and Detail selection options making population of your specification document simple and quick.

You can access Monarc 3130M section through any Basic, Standard or landscape versions of the Masterspec Software or online with the New Masterspec Next Gen Software.

Or for non masterspec users Simply download the generic Masterspec Word document below and paste it directly into your specification document. 

Or at any time please feel welcome to contact us and a Monarc support person will be in contact.




Download document

Want to know how Monarc's precast concrete will work for your project?