EMA, Khyber Pass, Auckland

25 June 2018

EMA, Khyber Pass, Auckland

Completion: Jun 2018
Architect: Avery Associates Team Architects
Contractor: Macrennie Construction

Monarc Sq50 Milled rebates were selected to carve predefined rebates from the F5 concrete precast wall panels.

Wider rebates were achieved with multi overlapping passes of the milling tool to deliver an organic array of varying rebate widths while ensuring continuity of rebate spanning multiple panels vertically with absolute precision.  

Random Vertical Milled Rebates Reveal The Inner Heart Of Natural Local Aggregates.


Complimenting the Milled feature walls, diamond honed stairs and a rebated retarder exposed aggregate logo link the concrete elements through common local aggregates and colour. 

Monarc Specifications

Colour:     Oyster 0019
Texture:   F5 Off the form
Detailing: Monarc SQ Milled vertical rebates of varying width, 10mm rebate depth. 

(Graffitti-Guard coating and protection by others applied post installation.)

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