Avondale College

03 February 2011
Avondale College 1

Avondale College - Rosebank Rd, Auckland

Completed: Feb 2011
Architect: Jasmax
Engineer: HLK Jacob
Contractor: Alliance

Avondale College harnessed monarc to provide aesthetic beauty and as a delivery mechanism of the schools moto "Collect the heartwood". Monarcs Routing capabilities were harnessed to provide a life long message within the concrete precast panels and to enblazen the schools crest.

Avondale College stage 1 Maths Block - Winner of the 2011 NZCS Monte Craven Architectural building Award .

Judges comments:
"Impressed by the clean lines of the vertical insulated precast panels with their durable, fire-resistant surfaces, inside and out, The judging panel agreed that creating a sense of permanence and solidity with this concrete building was certainly achieved."

Excerpt source: concretesociety.org.nz

Avondale College

Monarc Specifications

Monarc Thermally Insulated Precast Wall Panels

(150mm Structural Thickness +50mm +100mm)

Colour:    MONARC Oyster 0019 
Texture:   Diamond Honed 5000                   

Monarc Thermally insulated Precast Wall Panels 
(150mm Structural Thickness +50 +100)

Colour:     MONARC Oyster 0019 
Texture:   Monarc Roughsawn 120-18 Vertical
Detailing: Monarc Routed Text
                 Chamfers: Standard 15mm x 15mm 


Monarc Thermally insulated Precast Wall Panels 
(150mm Structural Thickness +50 +100) - Stages 2 & 3

Colour:     MONARC Tuscan 0019 
Texture:   Diamond Honed 5000
Detailing: Edges: Hand Diamond honed
                 Chamfers: Standard 15mm x 15mm 

Panels were coated with Graffiti Solutions - Guardian sacrificial coating post install by others.

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