Old Fashioned Foods, Penrose, Auckland

16 May 2009
Old Fashioned Foods 1

Old Fashioned Foods, Penrose, AKLD

Completion: May 2009
Architect: Sang Architects
Engineer: Holmes Consulting Group
Contractor: Aspec Construction

Collaborating with Darryl Sang of Sang Architects saw time invested together at the onset of the project design to explore available options and establish a best solution that fitted within the clients budget and brief.

The solution saw the design and engineering of a new concrete blend that provided internal aesthetics of small 10mm graded black and white aggregates.

Monarc Wall Panels
(150mm Structural Thickness +8mm)

Colour:      Pacific Oyster 0010
Texture:    Full coverage Detailing
Detailing:  Grated 0508-08 Vertical

Monarc Stair Treads & Landings
(75mm Thickness - Tapered Riser)

Colour:      Pacific Oyster 0010
Texture:    Diamond Honed 5000
Detailing:  Grated 0508-08 Vertical

Old Fashioned Foods 2

Monarc precast wall panels lined the internal entrance and stair walls complimented by Monarc Stair Treads and Landings in Matching Pacific Oyster concrete.

The concrete selection consisted of 10mm graded aggregates ideal to the congested entrance and stair well area with close proximity viewing.

The walls were detailed with a full coverage of Monarc's predefined Grated 0508-08 decorative detailing with a vertical grain orientation to reduce dust settling in the pedestrian traffic flow.

Treads & Landings were Diamond honed to all faces with nosing strips adhered post install.

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