Innovation Park, Waikato

10 August 2009
Innovation Park 2

Innovation Park, Waikato

Completion: Aug 2009
Contractor: Hawkins Construction

Monarc Truffle was selected to both meet the needs of local Iwi to maintain local product use and to reveal the full polished beauty of the local river pebbles in the dual structural wall doubling as a feature entrance element.

The 3 level feature shear wall towering through the entry atrium stacks 3 panels high and 3 panels wide. Monarc's diamond brushed surface texture diffuses light reflection from the Full height glazing beside and provides an abrasion snag free surface texture to the buildings employees.

Monarc Milled 20mm x 10mm rebates run vertically over nine stacked panels with absolute precision from the floor level rebate toe through to the atrium roof level.  

Rebates run vertically over nine stacked panels with absolute precision.

Innovation Park 3

Monarc Specifications

Colour:   Truffle 0016
Texture: Diamond brushed 320
Detail: Monarc Channeled 2010-40 vertical rebates

Clear gloss coating applied post installation by others. 

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