Eden Village - Mt Eden, Auckland

10 September 2012
Eden Village 4

Eden Village - Mt Eden, Auckland

Completed: Sep 2012
Architect: Babbage
Engineer: Babbage
Contractor: Argon Construction

Mt Eden's newest assisted (ALS) and independent (ILS) living retirement village is fully adorned with the best concrete that nature has to offer.

Monarc Precast Panels compliment natural stone timber and landscaped gardens and deliver dual purpose in both structural and decorative attributes to the buildings facade.
The selection of building materials have resulted in a development that will last the ages and remain relatively unaffected by organic detriment or age.

Monarc's Colour Range is achieved through the use of inert oxide colouring with pigments locked in for life preventing visual demise with the natural depth of colours further enhanced through clear solvent penetrating gloss coatings.

Monarc Precast concrete provides the ability for the facade to withstand the rigours of time in durability, colour and aesthetic beauty.

Eden Village 5

Monarc Specifications

ALS Block) Monarc Precast Wall Panels
(150mm Structural Thickness)

Colour:     MONARC Oyster 0019 (+Pfell 156 oxide)
Texture:   Diamond Hammered
Detailing: Chamfers: Cast as std 15x15mm
                 Edges: Hand Diamond Hammered  

(ILS Block) Monarc Precast Wall panels 
(150mm Structural Thickness + 15mm)

Colour:     MONARC Oyster 0019 (+Pfell 322 oxide)
Texture:   Monarc Diamond Honed 5000  
Detailing: Corrugated V4515-90 Horizontal
                  Edges: Hand Diamond Honed
                  Chamfers: Standard 15mm x 15mm 

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