Cambridge ELC

20 August 2010
Cambridge 2

Cambridge ELC

Completion: Aug 2010 
Architect: LAD Architects
Contractor: Construction Advantage

Constructed in Cambridge this Early Learning Center stimulates dynamic imaginative play bringing the Fairy-tale of castles and dragons to life. 

Monarc panels featuring special concrete formulation with oxide, shell and white aggregate enhancements take full advantage of Monarc's array of texture and detailing capabilities to create a truly bespoke and exciting environment.

Cambridge 4

Monarc Specifications

Monarc Precast Wall Panels
(150mm Structural Thickness)

Colour:     MONARC Mornay 4025
Texture:   Diamond Honed 5000
Detailing: Monarc Grated 0508-05
                 Chamfers: 15x15 std Hand Honed
                 Delineation Rebate: Monarc Routed 35-10 
                 Edges: Hand Diamond Honed

Final Product coated in a clear solvent based graffiti guard coating by others.

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