Classic Precast Finishes

Roughsawn Timber

Monarc Classic 'Roughsawn Timber' Panels are cast atop prescribed arrays of rough bandsawn timber planks. Timber effects are accentuated through the spill of light across the surface texture creating highlights & shadows. .

This rustic concrete texture provides a balance of natural feathered timber grain fibres with the rawness of bandsawn cuts softening the aesthetic of the materials while maintaining excellent durability and term of life properties.   

Roughsawn timber can be accentuated and enhanced through the addition of
coloured oxides and plank deliniation enhancements. 

Product Examples

Roughsawn Timber - Offset planks
Roughsawn Timber - Offset planks

Concrete Colour:     Standard Portland Grey
Surface Texture:      Full coverage decorative  
Decorative Design:  Roughsawn - Variable plank widths
                                   with Offset thickness

Roughsawn Timber - Coloured
Roughsawn Timber - Coloured

Concrete Colour:   Caviar 0519
Surface Texture:    Full coverage Decorative
Decorative Design:  Roughsawn Vertical 150


Roughsawn Timber - Deliiniated
Roughsawn Timber - Deliiniated

Concrete Colour:     Standard Portland Grey
Surface texture:       Full coverage decorative
Decorative Design:  Roughsawn - Variable plank widths
                                +15x15 projected deliniations.

Roughsawn Design Specifications

Roughsawn Timber Plank Widths can be milled to any size but for economy and savings standard sizes available include:

150 mm
200 mm
250 mm (subject to availability)

Through a process of research, testing and development, Nauhria have selected specific Roughsawn boards from a reliable and stable supply source to ensure appearance continuity throughout a project.

Monarc Roughsawn Radiata Pine provides a cost effective genuine appearance balancing crosscut sawing with natural timber grain and knots.

Maximum plank lengths are +/- 6.0 meters  with Planks placed as designed with random offset ends to provide a continuity of shuttering appearance.

Plank widths can be specified as uniform widths or a specified array of various widths.

The weight of concrete will flatten the feathering of the timber fibres during casting, feathering can be refreshed a few times before the fibres become to weak to hold their roughened texture. At this point the rough-sawn timber needs to be replaced to ensure the continuity of the textures appearance over spans of wall.


Colour Enhancements : - Colour oxides can be added to the concrete - See Peter Fell Websit to speciffy the desired colour. Note colour costs can vary significantly subject to the colour selected, Cement content of the concrete specified and the Percentage dose required of the oxide.

Generally Oxides are dosed at 5% of the concrete volume. Price on Application. 


Deliniation Enhancements : Enhancing Positive or Negative profiles between planks can accentuate the plank effect by enhancing shadow and highlights.  Deliniation forms may need to be custom formed or stock profiles may be available. 

Roughsawn Timber Considerations

 Rough sawn timber will have significant concrete feathering formed from the natural timber fibres, This highly textured surface can attract  dust and moisture creating ideal conditions for green organic growth on the panel surface overtime.

Water repellent admixtures or coatings and regular cleaning will assist in the management of panel appearance..

Specifiers should also consider the abrasive attributes of Roughsawn timber, Entryways and areas with close pedestrian exposure could cause snagging of clothing or skin abrasion when contact is made.

Alternative surface textures to consider include Monarc Diamond Brushed or Diamond Honed non abrasive options.

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