Classic Precast Finishes

Exposed Aggregate (Retarder)

Monarc Classic 'Exposed Aggregate' is typically referred to chemically induced retarding of the cement at the surface of the concrete panel allowing a thin layer. (1-5mm ) to be washed away revealing the Concrete aggregates contained within.     

Colour Variants

Retarder Exposed Aggregate - Structural MIx
Retarder Exposed Aggregate - Structural MIx
Retarder Exposed Aggregate - 16mm River Pebble
Retarder Exposed Aggregate - 16mm River Pebble
Retarder Exposed Aggregate - Mascarpone White
Retarder Exposed Aggregate - Mascarpone White

Exposed Aggregate Specifications

The finished appearance fo exposed aggregate can vary as a result of the chemical brand used, Aggregate Sources, Concrete mix designs and variability in casting conditions (Sun, Moistture and temperatures). Whilst some attributes are uncontrollable Monarc maintains strict sytems and procedures to reduce the impact of variability between panels as much as reasonably possible.


The appearance of Exposed aggregate finishes can vary by:  Exposure Depth, Aggregate Sizes, Aggregate Congestion and Mix designs

Front face of panels will appear different to Edges and Rear faces due to the natural effects of gravity on aggrregates in the concrete.


Exposed Aggregate Options include:

  • Additonal Non structural 'No-fines' facing Mixes
  • Aggregate Colours and Sizes
  • Oxide Colour Enhancement
  • Other decorative additives like Shell or pebbles
  • other chemical admixtures like Xypex or Water proofing chemicals. 


Perfect Imperfections... 

All care and industry best practice is exercised during the casting process of Monarc exposed aggregate panel production,  These processes will see aggregates naturally settle where they lay in the mould form, For this reason it is not uncommon for areas of aggregate sparsness to be present when exposed on the face of the panel,

Adding Oxide to concrete helps to camouflage this natural occuring imperfection..



We recommend to view and approve product samples prior to production commencing to ensure expectations are clearly understood and agreed between all parties.  

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