Whangaparoa Residence, Hibiscus Coast

03 June 2011
Whangaparoa Residence 11

Whangaparoa Residence, Hibiscus Coast

Completed: Jun 2011
Architect: Self Design
Engineer: c/o Project Economics
Contractor: Self Build

With panoramic ocean views sweeping across the horizon this Whangaparoa hilltop home is a man's dream-home transformed into reality.

Monarc precast panels provide the 2 story structure and the functionally dynamic facade of the house. Upper panels of Caviar 0810 black concrete absorb the sun's energy accentuated with refined vertical Monarc Cut detailing while lower level Oyster 0010 panels and the 300x300mm columns reduce reflection at ground level and poolside with a Monarc Diamond Hammered texture.

Whangaparoa Residence 5

Monarc Specifications

Monarc Precast Wall panels (Upper level)
(150mm thickness +10mm)

Colour: Caviar 0810
Texture: Diamond Honed 5000
Detailing: Monarc Planked 1010-95

Monarc Precast Wall panels (Upper level)
(150mm thickness)

Colour: Oyster 0010
Texture: Diamond Hammered

Monarc Precast Columns 
(300 x 300mm)

Colour: Oyster 0010
Texture: Diamond Hammered (4 sides)

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