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Sudima Hotel
Airport Oaks AKLD
Completion : Nov -0001

Architect: CDA Architects
Contractor: Dominion Constructors

Lapping up a little luxury? The Sudima located at at Auckland Airport expresses quality and sophistication throughout the purpose built Multi level precast concrete structure.

Bright natural tones of Monarc Mascarpone concrete adorn the entrance to the Hotel and concierge, lift shafts and main foyer areas of the luxury Hotel.

Made from pure white cement and natural lime stone aggregates,  Mascarpone compliments with the building palette to deliver a warm, soft, welcoming ambience. Perfectly horizontal rebates milled from the Panels give direction to the eye and compliment the essence of spaciousness and purity of the environment  as the structural and architectural internal walls flow continuously into the internal pool complex and relaxation areas.

Monarc's exclusive and bespoke detailing capabilities of cutting, routing and milling...

Monarc's exclusive and bespoke detailing capabilities of cutting Routing and milling have been utilised to craft symbolic enviromental reference of native flax and bullrush design within Pool complex.

Natural Monarc Oyster0010 mix lines the adjacent internal walls to support climate stability and a non abrasive yet highly tactile surface to the open spaces surrounding the heated pool.


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